About Milky Peach Studio


Milky Peach Studio began in 2018, founded by Melanie. Milky Peach Studio is a space I created to share my love for crystals, jewellery, gemstones and anything that sparkles! In the early days, I was making jewellery for fun, gifting them to friends and selling on on Etsy, during my final year at at high school. I never thought I could make it a full time job, so I stopped - to go to university. Afterwards, working full time in an unfulfilling role, I sought to ignite my true passion, after all these years later, to give my dream a go.

I guess if I could give anyone advice it would be to never give up and always believe in yourself even if no one else does.

I have wayyy to many crystals I like to name here. You could say everything I stock is what I like because this shop is entirely curated by me.

Thank you for following me on this journey your support means the world to me.





Here is photo from my market days