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Milky Peach Studio

Amazonite Tumbles

Amazonite Tumbles

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Amazonite's name is derived from the Amazon River Truth, where deposits can be found. This blue-green stone is a stone of communication and truth. It helps those who find it difficult to find their voice, to speak honestly without fear and judgement. Stone of communication it enables us to convey our true thoughts and feelings. A peacemaker and harmony stone. Brings inner freedom, our visions and dreams to come to life, empowers us to speak aloud and manifest. Say affirmations aloud to enhance the ability to come to life not only in our minds.

Measurement Approximately: 2 - 3 cm, 15g

You will receive one Tumble. Chosen intuitively for you, please note each piece is natural and may vary slightly. Reminder this is a natural crystal, marks and inconsistencies are not flaws but are part of the crystal.

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