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Ametrine Double Terminated Point

Ametrine Double Terminated Point

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Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, a naturally occurring variety of quartz crystal. The bi-colour Ametrine combines the energy of two crystals in one, it is a good stress reliever, clears tension from the mind and aids in concentration during meditation. It can be used to stimulate creativity and bring inspiration to studies and work life. The energy of Ametrine supports you to take control of situations and direction in your life. Ametrine has powerful energy to clear the aura of negative energy, blockages, programming and helps to release bad habits and addictions.

Measurement Approximately: 12 cm
Weight: 255 g

Reminder this is a natural crystal, marks and inconsistencies are not flaws but are part of the crystal. Please view images carefully.

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