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Citrine Tumbles

Citrine Tumbles

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Citrine is a bright, happy and joyful crystal, which brings energy to life. This crystal can help manifest your dreams and bring success in your career. It encourages you to do what you love and success will follow. Citrine also brings confidence and self – esteem. Known as the “Merchant Stone” was kept in money boxes to attract wealth.

This piece of Citrine is a natural crystal. Though, natural Citrine is harder to find than other members of the Quartz family (such as Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz). Therefore Citrine like this are actually Amethyst or sometimes Smoky Quartz, which have been heat 'treated' to give its colour. One way you can tell if a piece of citrine is heated, is by the colour, the tips are a bright, vibrant colour with a white body. Natural citrine is more pale yellow to brown in colour. If you are unsure you can ask the seller. The colour has been enhanced but the crystal structure is still the same therefore, some people do prefer to use this particular type of crystal in healing and meditating.

These Citrine tumbles are irregular in shape, perfect for using in a grid. Chosen intuitively for you, please note each piece is natural and may vary slightly. Reminder this is a natural crystal, marks and inconsistencies are not flaws but are part of the crystal.

Weight: 5-10g

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