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New Jade Flat Stone | Luck

New Jade Flat Stone | Luck

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New Jade or also known as Bowenite, is a stone used to protect the aura. New Jade can be used to provide protection against those who wish ill and negativity upon you. It also is a healer for the heart, releasing blocked, suppressed emotions and healing wounds. New Jade is said to be good for building a bond in relationships. If you are having difficulty with a situation place a piece of New Jade under your pillow and ask for a solution to be brought to you in your dreaming mind. Information of New Jade from Judy Hall's The Crystal Companion.

Measurement Approximately: 4 cm x 3 cm

You will receive one Flat Stone. Chosen intuitively for you, please note each piece is natural and may vary slightly. Reminder this is a natural crystal, marks and inconsistencies are not flaws but are part of the crystal.

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